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Actress Emelia Brobbey speaks out on her pregnancy and infidelity claims!!!


,  Actress Emelia Brobbey speaks out on her pregnancy and infidelity claims!!!The very private Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey has clarified the reported controversies surrounding her pregnancy and marriage which hit the Ghanaian media last week.  In an interview with the Graphic Showbiz, the actress said, “My marriage is very private and I intend to keep it as such”. The actress who is currently in the UK with her new husband continued: “Some celebrities may be comfortable speaking publicly about their marriages but that is not me. I see marriage as a sacred thing which shouldn’t be in the public domain”.

Emelia was responding to a media report that accused her of infidelity and claimed that she was pregnant for another man who was not her husband.  Emelia told Showbiz that she would have preferred not to talk about the false report but for the wrong impression that may have been created by it.

Although Emelia confirmed that she was pregnant, she said she was pregnant for her husband she got married to not quite long ago.

“I divorced my former husband a little over one year ago after I found out that things were not working well for us. I asked for a divorce from my ex when I found out that he had three children without my knowledge.

“I got married to him without knowing he had kids and after I found out I said there was no way I could stay with such a man, I filed for a divorce and it was granted” Emelia explained to Showbiz.

Emelia Brobbey regretted the timing of the false publication as she is now enjoying a new life with her newly wedded husband. “How would my husband feel reading from a newspaper and on the Internet that his wife’s pregnancy was for another man?”

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