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[Lifestyle] Guys: 10 Simple Ways to Impress A Woman


, [Lifestyle] Guys: 10 Simple Ways to Impress A WomanEvery living things will always try to impress the opposite sex. Chameleon changing their color, peacock showing the beauty of their tail, or male hummingbirds dancing in the air are some examples that animals do these things to impress the opposite sex.

Men do it too. Trying to attract a woman’s attention is something that they often do. It is the starting point of a relationship. There are two possible results, either she is not interested or she is interested. If she is interested, then they move into the next stage of a relationship. In general, the following are 10 simple ways to impress a woman:

1. Compliment, compliment, and compliment

Women love to be complimented. For them, compliments are very important to enhance their confidence level. If men have a weakness in their eyes, then women have a weakness in their ears. However, don’t do it excessively. Give her a sincere compliment, not just lip service, and give it at the right time.

2. Have a well groomed body and appearance

You don’t need to have a handsome face to try to impress a woman, but having a well groomed body and appearance are very important. Having a bright face, clean skin and clothes, and smell good all the time are some examples that you treat your body well. If you can’t treat your own body then can you treat her well?

3. Have a sense of humor

Don’t be too serious, women like a man who can make them laugh. In fact, sometimes humor can dilute a tense situation or conflict, like opening a window in a hot room. Of course, men and women have different sense of humor. Don’t ever tell a woman dirty jokes especially if you don’t know her closely.

4. Have good manners

Women dislike rude men and men who like talking dirty. It’s too unpleasant to hear. By being rude, she will think that you can’t treat her well. Show that you’re a well-educated man!

5. Socialize with her family and friends

Make a good impression on her family and friends. When you already have a close relationship with them, you will be easier to get her. Impress them and you’ll impress her.

6. Be a smart man

Some teens may have not thought about this, but for those who are already mature, being smart is an important factor. Smart men usually have a bright future, creative, and able to adapt in all situations.

7. Smiling

There is a saying, “don’t frown because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile”. These words are created for a reason, a smile makes a person look attractive, friendly, optimistic and confident. After all, women don’t want to be with a man who looks like not enjoying his life.

8. Try to ask her some questions

If you don’t know too much about her, ask something about herself. Actually, this topic is their preferred topic. Besides you will know her more closely, she will be more open and feel comfortable toward you. It also gives her a sign that you like her inside and out.

9. Give something special on her special day

Special day, such as birthday, is a very good moment to make her attracted to you. Give something special on that day will make her feel as a special person for you. Try to give something that makes her always remember you. 🙂

10. Be sincere and honest to her

You have to love her sincerely without any other veiled purpose. In addition, tell something about you honestly, without boasting something you don’t have or something you’ve never experienced. Although you can get her, if you’re not being sincere and honest, your relationship won’t last long because eventually she will notice.


About: Kelly Faisal

I have been a serial experiential marketer for the past 6 years.

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