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Drake Shows Love to Beyonce in New Song


, Drake Shows Love to Beyonce in New Song8
By: Taren Vaughan

Drake is by far one of the most popular artists of the Young Money crew. And though one of his label mates has recently put the record label on blast claiming that they have not cut them a check as of yet, Drake doesn’t seem to have many complaints about how things are going with his own career as the rapper keeps putting out tracks that his fans are loving. One of the most recent songs of his created a huge amount of buzz around Drake, that song being the diss track that he put out where he went in, showing no mercy at all, on Chris Brown and Chris’ now girlfriend again Rihanna who Drake says he has no interest in at this point and that he isn’t thinking about her. Drake’s diss song got a response out of Chris Brown as Chris put out a diss track of his own and made it crystal clear in one of his recent interviews that he has come to the conclusion that he and Drake will probably never see eye to eye.

While his beef with Chris Brown has grabbed the attention of music heads, it hasn’t gotten in the way of Drake focusing on his songs that aren’t taking swipes at Breezy and Ri Ri. One of Drake’s latest songs just hit the web and the title alone had people wondering just what he was up to on this one as the song is titled ‘Girls Love Beyonce’. Beyonce gets her shout out at the beginning of the song and the chorus is where the rapper shows Destiny’s Child some love, sampling the hook from the group’s classic hit “Say My Name”, putting his own spin on the lyrics. We’ve seen Drake take a stab at using other artists’ vocals on music with his attempt at the posthumous Aaliyah album that he worked on yet we didn’t know just how him showing love to Bey and DC on this song would turn out.

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