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Rihanna Gets Dragged by Fans for Canceling Houston Show


, Rihanna Gets Dragged by Fans for Canceling Houston Show
By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Superstar Rihanna is currently on tour, but things haven’t necessarily been as smooth as the singer had hoped they would be. And that’s because she has had to cancel three shows already due to illness and she was three hours late to her show in Montreal. While it was reported earlier that she cancelled shows due to laryngitis, her latest cancellation in Houston is skimpy on the details. According to the reports, the singer’s management Roc Nation is being mum on what illness forced the singer to cancel her show in Houston, Texas. This of course has led many to speculate that it could be drugs, too much partying or even pregnancy. Rihanna’s fans whom she affectionately refers to as “The Navy” are usually very supportive of the singer, even when she cancels shows. However, this time a lot of her Texas fans are outraged although she did apologize, especially since she just posted pictures to her Instagram account before the cancellation of herself partying hard with bff Melissa Forde. Here’s some of the angry comments the star’s fans left on her Instagram account and even tweeted her:

“You not sick you out having fun. How dare you plan a tour then forget your responsibilities!! You need to also be focused on your career. I paid good money for these tickets n they were a surprise for my lil sis 18th bday n now we can’t even go!! (sic)”

Some fans who even attended earlier shows complained that her earlier performances were terrible and made them feel like the rumors of her being on drugs may be true:

“I went to her concert in las Vegas and she was clearly messed up. That was a day or two before her Houston concert was canceled.. She had to be coming down off the drugs or something. It was a hot mess.”

“Not a hot mess, just a mess. Really sad to watch. She forgot lyrics.. Could barely dance. It was sad.”

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