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“I swap My Heels For My #Adidas – Anita Erskine

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WhatsApp-Image-20160503 (7)So in an era were prestigious and celebrity ladies don’t joke with their appearance especially their heels one would want to ask why the Boss lady Anita Erskine is frequently seen in #adidaswomens foot wear instead of her heels whenever she is on stage at one of her Empowerment sessions, is it for comfort or an endorsement of #Power?

It was particular apparent at the XMEN tour with Sarkodie and Prince Amoabrng!

In her recent public appearance on various platforms were she speaks to young women – SheHive in January, Microsoft Digigirlz session in March, her just ended event Conversations, we notice she doesn’t do her presentations in heels, but in her #Adidas! As we know Anita Erskine is an extremely high brand conscious #Woman.

So we wonder what the relationship is. When asked she laughed and said ‘I love my heels by all means. But when I mean serious business, I swap my heels for my #sneakers.. I just happen to love #Adidas. It helps keeps me grounded, approachable and comfortable! It’s me.

WhatsApp-Image-20160503 (7)So there you have it!! When ever you see the Boss lady Anita Erskine in her #Adidas just be aware she means business. Just a thought, doesn’t she mean business when ever she’s on heels? Lool, Well the Boss lady is indeed rocking her days.

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About: Kelly Faisal

I have been a serial experiential marketer for the past 6 years.

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