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Twitter quietly launches location feeds with Foursquare

Twitter phone

Twitter phone

Did you know that you can see the tweets that come from a specific place? Just imagine the Facebook feature that allows you to see what your friends in your locality are talking about.

Twitter has taken this to another extent by allowing you to see the tweets from a specific place, like a business, sports stadium, or music festival. The location feeds are being started with iOS users, with other platforms coming later.

Location feeds linked to from these tags could inspire people to tweet more while out and about, fuel Moments about particular places, and improve Twitter’s ad targeting data.

Better location functionality could be an important building block for Twitter’s future products and revenue potential.

Twitter now says that location feeds were available before, but there was no way to tell a tweet was tagged with a location before unless you opened its detail view. What’s new is the specific location tags appearing in the Timeline, clueing people in to the fact there was a location feed to browse.

Foursquare is powering precise place identification for the Twitter feature. In exchange it gets prominent branding, links back, and the ability to improve its own database.

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