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A TV station rejected ‘Wani Aba’ video because it wasn’t up to their standard – M.anifest


manifestHave you been in a situation where you were told that your material wasn’t good enough but it turned out that the person who said so, actually wasn’t good enough?

Well, the funny thing is that internationally-acclaimed rapper, M.anifest, says that he has experienced this at the hands of a television station.

He posted on Facebook that a TV station told him that the video of ‘W’ani aba’ ‘was not up to their standard so they rejected it.’

However, M.anifest says that when he checked out the content of that particular TV station, he realised that the content that they fed their audience was bad indeed.

“Out of curiosity (and frankly accidentally) I spent a little time on their channel to see what videos they air that meet the ‘standard.’ I can say with certainty w’ani abi was better than most of, if not all, the videos I saw on there. So I laughed and kept it moving.”

The question is, what station is this and how do they determine if a music video is good enough?

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.31.55 AM
M.anifest has released the video for the song in which he features high life singer, Bisa Kdei. The song itself was released in November 2015.

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