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The Honey Pot: A poem that speaks to marital challenges



Dynamic poetess, Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong has released the video of her poem, ‘The Honey Pot.’

The poem talks about a young career woman who isn’t happy in her marital home because she has not been able to give her husband that male child that he wants.

She does all that she can to make him happy, “Amina washes the suds from her hair and skin. She has used the expensive rose-scented bath oil that Fiifi gave to her on her birthday. He likes it.”

It also talks about the pain that she goes through to make this happen.

“Amina used to scream, but no one came. Amina used to fight, but Fiifi would only shove and thrust; shove and thrust harder. He didn’t care that her honey pot no longer secreted honey. He was oblivious to the thick, red blotches of viscous blood-honey that replaced the honey.”

You can watch the video below:

By: Jeffrey Owuraku Sarpong/

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