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US judge recommends that suit against Bieber, Usher be dismissed

Justin Bieber

A magistrate judge has released a report recommending that a suit against Justin Bieber and Usher be dismissed.

The suit claims that the two committed copyright infringement in their hit song, ‘Somebody to Love.’ The song is part of Bieber’s 2010 album ‘My World 2.0.’

The suit was brought by Devin Copeland. Initially, it was dismissed by the courts but was allowed to move forward when appeals court judges listened to the song and decided that the choruses were similar.

The magistrate judge Douglas Millers says that Copeland failed to show that the defendants had access to his work before creating ‘Somebody to Love.’ He [Copeland] has also been unable to show where the similarities between the two works are.

Copeland said that his work, which also titled ‘Somebody to Love,’ was played on various showcases and also in the hands of some music executives.

Jeffrey O. Sarpong/


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