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Beyonce the reason for Kanye-Jay Z beef?


Could Beyonce be the reason why Kanye West has been apparently fighting with his pal Jay Z in the last few weeks?

Before he was hospitalized, Kanye West ranted about a whole lot of things, including Jay Z and Beyonce, before leaving the stage after performing for thirty minutes.

Social media celebrity, Karceno4Life, is now saying that “for three years, this beef has been going on. Beyonce is one of the main of the main factors in the friction between Jay Z and Kanye West.”

We cannot confirm this, but if the things that that Karceno4Life says in the Youtube video are true, then the problems between Kanye and Jay may not be coming to an end any time soon.

The post has had several diverse comments, with one person saying, “…I really like your videos but you’re being so bias because he’s from Chicago! First, you keep saying Ye is loyal, where was his loyalty to Dame the person who was REALLY trying to sign him?! He jumped ship quick!!!”

Another comment read: “This is about class and branding. People don’t understand this. They can’t associate themselves with Kim because she’s considered to be lower than them due to her sex tape. The rabbit hole is deeper than we think though…”

You can watch the video below:


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