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Stop sending screenshots of the negative comments – Kafui Danku


Ghanaian actress and film producer Kafui Danku has responded to those who are criticizing her for her choice of husband.

Kafui recently posted photos of the naming ceremony for her baby and there have been diverse reactions to this, with some criticizing her for marrying a relatively older white man.

She has therefore asked people to “Pls… Stop sending screenshots of the negative comments… Pls it’s enough… I’ve seen and heard more positive vibes so enough of the negative ones already. Not everyone will agree with ur choices but it’s their opinion and they can keep it to themselves if they can’t be inspired… (It’s no news though) Negative screenshots don’t work for me. Thank you.”



Kafui Danku has starred in lots of movies in the country, including Heal My Heart and Any Other Monday. The first movie she produced herself is Letter to My Mother.



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