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Sarkodie in trouble for using model’s image without permission


Kwen Maye, a model of Kenyan-Nigerian descent, has asked Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie to crop his image out of the flier in which the rapper used to call for “Avant Garde hipsters and creative artists” to present their work for a music video.

Kwen made this statement on his Instagram page, with an image of the Sarkodie’s post.

“@sarkodie1 you didn’t ask for my permission or contact my agency @20modelmanagement before using my picture for some cast promo. I’m aware you don’t like when someone use ur pics without your permission __ please it down or crop me out __ speaking for myself and don’t know about other models __ this is so wrong __ @ameyaw112 please speak to this guy to get it down ___ No disrespect, if you don’t accept this from anyone don’t do it to others ___ #RespectMyJob I’m not looking for such publicity ___ #CropMeOut,” the Instagram post stated.



Sarkodie posted a photo on Twitter yesterday asking for creative artistes to submit their works to be featured in his upcoming music video.

In the photo were Kwen Maye and two other models.


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