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Ghana not added to Visa Waiver Program – US Embassy


The U.S Embassy in Ghana has come out to state that the rumours that Ghana has been added to America’s Visa Waiver Program are fake news.

There have been some rumours that American president Donald Trump had decided to add the West African country to his country’s Visa Waiver Program. This, if true, would have meant that Ghanaians would not need to go to the embassy to get a visa before they can travel to the USA.

The U.S Embassy has, however, posted a statement on its Facebook page that says that these reports are “fake news.”

“It is *not* true that Ghana has been added to the Visa Waiver Program. This is fake news. Remember, if there is ever *any* change to visa policy affecting Ghanaians, you will hear it directly and proactively from us,” the embassy said in the statement.

“The embassy and our official sites like should be your first, last and only sources of information regarding visa policy.”

By: Jeffrey O. Sarpong/


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