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Find Fennec’s killers – ‘Angry’ Kwaw Kesse tells police


Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese has expressed disappointment in the inability of the police to find the killers of his manager who was murdered at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road three years ago.

Today, March 13, marks exactly three years when the entertainment enthusiast’s life was taken and Kwaw Kese believes that the police should have some answers by now.

“The police need to give us answers on who the killers are. For Christ’s sake, it’s been three years and yet there seems to be no headway. This isn’t a practice that should be encouraged because no one would feel safe in his/ her home.”

A hardworking young man with so much potential is taken away from his young family because some people think he doesn’t deserve to live and after three years, the police is yet to find who the perpetrators are? The police can’t provide answers? Who killed Fennec? We need to ask the police,” said to Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday.

Kwaw said that the image of the lifeless body of his manager, who he described as a friend and a brother, lying in a pool breaks his heart anytime he thinks about it and it beats his imagination that the country has been silent on it.

“Today, it is Fennec, tomorrow, it could be any of us. This isn’t an issue that should be brushed aside. The police must be compelled to quicken investigations which have obviously been stalled,” he stated.


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