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Roverman’s ‘Blackmail’ set for March 25


Ghanaians who trooped the National Theatre for the premier of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s latest production BLACKMAIL will testify to a time well spent.

The theatre was full to capacity as lovers of stage drama sat glued to their seat through the two-hour production.

The 10 cast drama which will be shown over the weekend took its audience into the everyday life of a pastor and the diverse atrocity some men of God who are deemed mini-gods deal with. With a typical Ghanaian background, it was easy for the audience to relate and identify with the characters as they struggled with their everyday life.

The production also introduced some new characters who stole the heart of the audience and sent everyone home with a personal lesson.

Undoubtedly, the best among the best playwrights in the country, Uncle Ebo used everyday activity to tell life-transforming stories in a relax atmosphere.

From deceit to betrayal to love and BLACKMAIL, Roverman Production’s latest act will be shown over the weekend and repeated on April 1 at a cool 80GH rate.


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