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Kwaisey Pee confesses to being broke; borrows cars to drive


Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee has confessed that he is broke to the point that he has to sometimes borrow friends’ cars to live up to the expectations of celebrity life.

“As for money, I’m telling you I even need your money. I’m broke as hell. I wouldn’t come and sit here, to be honest with you, and before God and man, and say to you that it’s super for me. It’s not because, at the end of the day, music is not selling in terms of CDs…,” he said in an interview.

He revealed that he doesn’t have the chance to perform at any shows; these performances are some of the main sources of income for musicians in Ghana.

“I feel like being alone… women always come in with a lot of expectations and so if you are not prepared, especially when you are a popular guy, and you are driving a Bentley, they get excited without knowing that the car is even borrowed.”

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