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Huffington Post cites Peace Hydes as one of Africa’s most inspirational


Ghanaian media mogul Peace Hyde has been cited as one of those who will feature in Huffington Post’s inspirational women series.

The author of the piece, Maleeka Taliha Hollaway, talks about how she saw Peace Hyde’s Instagram page with the opening words, “About a month ago, I came across the post of a beautiful, voluptuous lady on Instagram and what captured my attention was not her black shift dress which showed her amazing figure, but rather the reaction from her followers.”

“Words like “Inspirational,” “God Bless you”, “I am so touched” and “this is what I needed to hear today” were littered all over her thought provoking post. Upon closer inspection, my perception of the stereotype of the voluptuous woman was completely shattered forcing me to reach out for an interview with Peace Hyde.

“In just two years, Hyde has broken free from the confines of her UK classroom where she taught Physics, Chemistry and Biology to college students to becoming a dominating voice in Africa’s media and entertainment landscape.”

“…Peace Hyde’s story of ever-evolving triumph is one that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of people all over the globe, just as it began from West Africa to me in the United States.”


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