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The new Google Earth arrives on iOS


In April, Google unveiled a new vision for its Google Earth application, two years in the making, that introduced more ways to explore the planet through guided tours, informational cards, integrated 360-degree videos and Street View imagery, and more. Initially, the new Google Earth was available only on Android and Chrome. Today, it’s arriving on iOS.

The updated iOS application for iPhone and iPad brings the same experience to Apple device owners, including the new interactive stories feature Google calls “Voyager.” In its announcement, Google is positioning Voyager as a way to find your next travel destination, but that’s only one of the ways it can be used.

Of the now over 140 stories available,  17 cities can be found in the “travel” category, offering itineraries for top cities around the world.

However, most of Voyager’s tours are about exploring interesting places in the world.


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