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Applying Aristotle’s philosophy in business


featured-image-businessI love to be in the company of fellow business minded people, Especially within the creative Industry. Here is a good example as to why. Recently, when it was time to focus on sales, I asked my friend who is a branding expert for advice.

He started with a reference to a philosophy by Aristotle that had an Interesting equation.

I picked up three words from Aristotle’s equation; ethos, pathos and logos. This easily applies to the Way we convince and influence people.

By applying Aristotle’s equation we can, not only use verbal methods but also visually, convince people to like our brand and proceed to purchase our products.

With my background in finance I also thought “Can aristoles equation be used in finance?” I believe it can.

Especially for proposals and reporting. By highlighting numbers that appeals to our:

– Emotions

– Credibility

– Logic

So in a funding proposal to a potential investor it could look like;

– Emotions; market/consumer facts

– Credibility; proof of revenue

– Logic; Return of investments

The above is super simplistic but the point is, In any case we shouldnt leave any of the above out in a proposal. It is however interesting to look behind the model of a standard proposal. It makes it easier to challenge the model. Let’s say there was no proof of revenue. What will we put instead? As per to Aristole’s equation, any other key figure Or number appealing to our logical sense. (Ethos). That could be website traffic or market value.

I remember sitting in my philosophy classes in College, thinking; how exactly is this relevant to me?

In 2014 the bachelor programme from CBS; ‘business administration and philosophy’ Was even given a yellow card for not being relevant to the jobmarket.

Today I have learned and realized

1. why philosophy can be both relevant and useful. Both in business administration, but also in Financial reporting.

2. How associating yourself with proffesionals outside your field can make you stronger within your field.

I would love to hear of other examples on how philosophy is or can be used within business administration. These are my thoughts and approach – feel free to challenge it.

Submitted by: Maritt Araba Biney Jensen

About: Kelly Faisal

I have been a serial experiential marketer for the past 6 years.

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